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Amina Gold Publishing and Media Inc offer eBook publishing services. We walk you through the process, one step at a time. After, your work is debuted on different platforms for maximum exposure through our social media marketing campaigns.  

Let our interior formats fascinate you, and our press releases celebrate you.

Ghost Writing 

You have an idea but don't have the time. We understand. We are experienced professionals that know how to build worlds. Many people claim to be writers but is there passion between the lines?

We are all about creating high-quality content that is structured and reflects your vision for your company. We are people who go the extra mile for the best results. Let us help bring readers to your page and share valuable information globally. 

We have the tools, and we know the trade. Our writers research each project and pursue it passionately. Let us help you create an ebook that recounts tales from your childhood, defines your profession, or your wildest fantasies. Our writers will help you increase your reach, your fan base, and bring more attention to your brand. 

Excellent Editing Services 

Grammar is everything. At Amina Gold Publishing And Media Inc., we strive to provide high-quality service at a price that doesn't break your bank. Our writers are transparent throughout the entire process and ensure that your satisfaction is our top priority. 

Authors' Website. 

We offer sleek and stylish templates that provide a visual experience for viewers. After, we boost viewership through a marketing campaign. Viewers will find your content and learn more about some of your interests, experiences, and books. 

Book Promotion and Marketing 

You've got a great imagination. Let's get it out there. Amina Gold Publishing And Media Inc. concentrate on optimizing your website and creating campaigns that can help you to keep your viewers fully engaged. It will help you to cast your networking line out further.

It will also help you with finding your target audience and expanding your social media presence. Don't just take an educated guess. Reach out to us and we'll help to get you started. 



  Screenwriting Services 

Everything visual begins with a good story. Let our team of writers assist you with the creation of the Logline, Synopsis, Treatment, Pitch deck, and Screenplay. 

Location Scouting 

Are you looking to set the scene well but are wrangling several tasks at one time. Don't struggle alone. Let our team of experts travel around the town and do the research. 


The proper selection of cast is everything. Good actors and actresses can help to bring your screenplay to life. Our experienced Casting Director has helped with motion picture films throughout the United States. Let her find the right fit for your characters. 

Directing And Producing 

We maintain a professional list of Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, and other hardworking individuals in the industry. We work with your budget, acquire the equipment, and get the show going!  

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The Future Rages On, So You Shouldn't Have To Wait.

The Creative Writing Intensive (8 Months)

The Creative Writing Intensive Course focuses on teaching students the Fundamentals of Character Development, Plot Structure, and the various types of short stories. After, the class publishes a compilation of work through the organization.