(We know you're curious!)

Amina Gold Publishing and Media Inc. is a nonprofit organization that believes in the empowerment of youth and women. The organization specializes in

publishing, film, photography, and other ultra-creative fields. 

We provide mentoring programs, leadership, and promote entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to building connections that foster unlimited success. We encourage unity and inclusive environments. As an organization we understand the power of numbers and how many voices can make a difference. 

 The demographic that will benefit from our services are individuals of all races, religions, and orientations, male, female, and non-binary citizens alike. We welcome and assist everyone on their journey to industry success and pristine self-edification in the arts.

Amina Gold Publishing and Media seeks to develop people versus products. There is a clear urgency for more skilled professionals in all facets of writing and film. 

Amina Gold Publishing and Media provides education, development, representation, refuge, and recognition.

Authors publish their work through Amina Gold Publishing and Media. They have it marketed on national and international platforms. In short, they are active artists working to build their brand, portfolio, and be recognized for their work.